Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

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You’ve probably heard about the benefits of matcha tea , but what is it? Matcha tea is a green tea of Chinese origin, although many people know it for its relationship with Japanese culture.
Matcha is a powdered green tea, famous in the world for its many health benefits. In addition to drinking it as an infusion, today it is also used as an ingredient in pastry and cocktails. Without a doubt, a universe to discover!

This is why many Japanese travelled to China to study Zen Buddhism and brought back to Japan the habit of drinking Matcha tea. This custom later became an important element of the Matcha tea at the Japanese tea ceremony Chanoyu. You can Buy Matcha Tea Online India through website or email request.

Unlike the rest of the teas that are presented in strands (in loose leaves), Matcha has the peculiarity that its leaves are ground in the form of a very fine powder. To consume it, it is necessary to beat it with water. This makes the health benefits of matcha tea more effective than those of strained teas, since the healthy compounds that go to the cup are more concentrated.

Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

Tea leaves have chemical compounds whose properties can act on our body and mind. As with all green teas, Matcha is a powerful antioxidant that generates important health benefits. The benefits of matcha tea are much more effective than those of other types of tea, since as its leaves are presented in powder form, to drink it is necessary to mix it with water and in this way we ingest all of its components, while When we drink a tea in strands, we incorporate into our body only the soluble compounds that pass into the infusion.
“Tea is an elixir for the conservation of health when you reach an advanced age, as well as an excellent means to prolong life”.

In recent years, numerous laboratory studies, tests in hospitals and universities have proven the benefits of matcha tea:

  • Strengthens the immune system and helps reduce stress
  • Stimulates the mind and relaxes the body
  • It helps prevent cancer, infections and tooth decay
  • Helps keep arteries healthy and control hypertension
  • It helps lower blood sugar levels
  • It helps control diabetes and prevent liver fibrosis
  • It helps prevent the signs of Alzheimer’s
  • Due to its high antioxidant content it helps eliminate free radicals
  • It helps improve the appearance of the skin and nails
  • It helps to burn fat and lose weight

Matcha contains caffeine. Because this tea is made by crushing whole tea leaves into a fine powder, the amount of caffeine is greater than if you drank tea in bags.In common green tea there is about 32 mg of caffeine compared to 68 mg of caffeine in a teaspoon of ceremonial grade Matcha tea (the highest grade).

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