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Scam : Beware when You Buy Green Tea For Weight Loss

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What we are looking for when losing weight is to do it in the healthiest way possible. There are very restrictive diets that what they actually do is reduce proteins , carbohydrates and all kinds of fats, without taking into account that our body needs a balance where fatty acids or the level of proteins are not excluded with which to allow Our body performs its functions normally. You have to lose weight with health, knowing how to have adequate habits of life and supporting us, in addition, in the resources that nature brings us, such as green tea.

So, is it true that this ancestral drink allows us to act against those extra kilos? Without a doubt, it is  an “ally” that we must include in a varied and balanced diet . However, by itself it will not work the miracle of getting slim if we continue to eat improperly.

Let’s see how green tea helps us when it comes to losing weight.

You can purify the pancreas with the help of herbal remedies

  1. A powerful antioxidant

Green tea is a powerful natural antioxidant that helps stop premature aging and protect us against numerous diseases thanks to its high polyphenol content .
There are studies that also point out the antioxidant properties of other types of tea, such as white or black tea.

2. Green tea helps us speed up metabolism

Green tea has the main benefit of helping us accelerate our metabolism, allowing us to burn fat. As recent reviews indicate, it is precisely the catechins that cause the body to enter thermo genesis , producing energy to eliminate those extra kilos. You can Buy Green Tea for Weight Loss through online order or just simply call
Nor can we forget that there is evidence in favour of its role as a mild appetite suppressant. Therefore, it can make us eat less and chop less.
Another interesting aspect is that it is a very suitable drink to help prevent high levels of insulin in the blood, as evidenced by the meta-analysis of a set of randomized controlled trials. In addition, it also helps regulate the fat that goes to our cells, gradually reducing the body fat index.

3. An excellent diuretic and a liver stimulant tonic

This tea is a wonderful ally to help us purify our body , to eliminate toxins . It cleanses saturated fats and helps us to eliminate through the urine substances that make us feel swollen.
In addition, green tea is a very suitable tonic to support the function of the pancreas and liver. It helps them in their basic functions and, given their high level of antioxidants, acts as a good protector of these organs.

How should you consume green tea as a supplement to lose weight in a healthy way?

Green Tea

  • To maintain a healthy body weight with the help of this tea, we must drink three cups daily.
  • First, we will take it on an empty stomach and mixed with the juice of half a lemon.
  • The second, we will take it 20 minutes after lunch. In this way, we favor digestion and absorb nutrients better. In addition, it will help us feel full until the next meal.
  • We must remember that green tea should not be mixed with white sugar. Ideally, do not include any sweeteners, but if it is difficult, a teaspoon of honey (7.5 g) is better.
  • Finally, we will have a cup of green tea after dinner. It should be taken at least an hour and a half before we go to sleep. The reason? We must give our body time to properly digestion before going to bed.

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