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Nilgiri white tea benefits

The best thing to start your day is having a cup of aromatic and warm cup of tea. Tea is the most consumed beverage all across the globe. A cup of scintillating tea reenergizes the senses and rejuvenates the soul. The cup of strong tea helps to kick start ones day with positive vibes and energy.

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Tea is consumed all across the world in one form or the other. The essence and satisfaction one gets from drinking tea is eternal. Tea comes various flavors and varied forms. Today you have black tea, herbal tea, green tea, floral tea and much more. Each flavor has its own health benefits and unique texture and taste.

Nilgiri white tea is the blend of the choicest white teas from misty blue hills of Nilgiri. This delicate tinge beverage is full of mellow flavors; that finish a sweet note. Tea lovers buy Nilgiri tea online because of its unique floral taste and exquisite aroma. Every sip leaves a mellow after taste and soothing texture in the mouth.

This specialty blend is immensely aromatic and has medley of delectably restrained flavors of fresh grass and of floral bouquet.

The tea of Nilgiri is loaded with highest amount of anti-oxidants; making it healthy tea. People buy Nilgiri tea online for its many health benefits such as:

  1. Loaded with anti oxidants: White tea of Nilgiri is power house of antioxidants; that protects the body against free radicals; causing oxidative damage. The anti oxidants neutralize these free radicals and boost the overall health.
  2. Helps treat cancer: White tea contains flavonoids, a class of antioxidants, that hamper the growth of cancer cells and prevents the development of new ones. As per one research, this tea is a great source of cancer fighting compounds.
  3. Lowers the cholesterol: Regular drinking of white tea helps to lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol.
  4. Immunity booster: White tea from Nilgiri is loaded with catechins. This helps to reduce inflammation, regulates the immune system and boost resistance to infections.
  5. Helps in improving digestion: Consumption of white tea on daily basis helps in improving digestion. The tea helps to ease stomach cramps or nausea. It also helps to avoid constipation.
  6. Good for heart: White tea minimizes the risk of heart diseases by protecting the whole of circulatory system. As per one research; people who drink two or more cups of white tea on regular basis are almost 50% less likely to die post suffering a heart attack.
  7. Boosts memory: Many people have problems in remembering things. The reason is the low memory power. White tea from Nilgiri contains polyphenols like manganese, zinc and selenium; that improves memory and helps in concentration.
  8. Minimizes cravings of sugar: Sugar craving is something; that is unhealthy and leads to many ill health effects. Drinking white tea after meals is best alternative; that helps to reduce the sugar cravings.
  9. Boosts energy and alertness: Another vital ingredient that is present in white tea is L-theanine. This ingredient produces a feeling of alertness and boosts mental clarity.
  10. Reduces stress: Stress is something; which most of us face in our hurry burry and competitive lifestyle. The want to perform better and move ahead from the other makes our life stressful and causes many harmful diseases. White tea contains theanine; that helps calm tired nerves and leaves one relaxed and cool.

Why is Matcha tea good for you?

Tea is used as daily morning drink in most of the houses not just because of the flavor but also because of its umpteen numbers of health benefits. Tea reduces the risk of heart disease. It can potentially improve the flow of blood around the body by widening of key arteries and minimizing the risk of clots. Tea also contains antioxidants called “flavonoids”; that slows down the onset and the risk of heart diseases.

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With changes in the tastes and preferences of the tea connoisseurs; there has been introduction of many varieties of tea to suit the preferences of the customers. Today, one can taste and try umpteen numbers of exiting flavors of the tea including Darjeeling tea, Matcha tea, Jasmine tea, Green tea, Hibiscus tea etc. Every blend has unique taste and texture and has varied health benefits.

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assam tea

You Can Turn Into Healthy With Assam Tea

Assam tea comes from the beautiful state of Assam in India, situated on the river Brahmaputra. The tea is harvested from the plant of camellia sinensis only, with assamica being the particular variety. In addition to this, the Assam blends are sold in the form of breakfast teas with English, Irish and Scottish varieties being among them.

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Darjeeling Tea

Secrets about Darjeeling Tea Will Make You Amazing

There are mainly two things that come to our mind when we hear the name ‘Darjeeling- 1)  The stunning mountain range and aromatic tea of the region. This amazing tourist place is famous across the world for Darjeeling tea. A variety of tea blend is available in white, black, green and oolong. In addition to this, freshness, enticing aroma and light color of Darjeeling tea make it a favorite beverage for all. The tea manufacturers take the greatest care to preserve these unique features of the blends of this area.

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Green tea from Darjeeling is known to have high amounts of antioxidants as well as is anti-carcinogenic. Green tea is dried and steamed for processing not fermented, and this is the reason the natural benefits are retained. Do you know most tea connoisseurs believe that there is a special technique to brew green tea to enjoy its flavors and tastes at its best?

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