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You Can Turn Into Healthy With Assam Tea

Assam tea comes from the beautiful state of Assam in India, situated on the river Brahmaputra. The tea is harvested from the plant of camellia sinensis only, with assamica being the particular variety. In addition to this, the Assam blends are sold in the form of breakfast teas with English, Irish and Scottish varieties being among them.

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5 Must Assam tea bags for you

  • Oolong tea: A traditional Chinese tea packed with lots of health benefits! This tea has the widest range of variety regarding fermentation degree.
  • CTC Tea: Crush Tear Curl is the process from which this tea got its name. Also these are tiny hard pellets which need proper brewing and generally consumed with milk.
  • Clonal Tea: It is a clone of two teas cross breeding- 1) Chinese and 2) Assamese. This has a mellow taste as well as deep ruby color. Clonal Tea has a delicate plantation.
  • English Breakfast Tea: A traditional Assamese tea that came to light during the British era in India. Blending it with milk is the best way to have this tea.
  • Green Tea: The tea is high in anti-oxidants as well as is fermented. Additionally green tea is known for boosting metabolism in our body as well as immunity.
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Keep in mind that each type of tea is categorized based on some factors. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Flush: Depends on the season of growing and plucking of tea leaves! Do you know most of the Assam’s tea is the 2nd flush possessing a strong color and aroma.
  • Withering: This is the process of minimizing moisture from the leaves. Most of the leaves are put through the hot air to cut the moisture by almost 35%.
  • Fixing: The 3rd stage where the enzymatic brewing of leaves is controlled via application of heat. We can say in short, longer the process of heating continues, better will be the Aroma.
  • Oxidation: Known as fermentation, in this process, the tea leaves are often exposed to Oxygen and many other volatile compounds.
  • Rolling: This involves shaping the tea leaves rightly into various forms such as hand rolled, tightly rolled or wirily.
  • Drying: the moisture content in the leaves cuts to 1 percentage at this stage, and is ready for brewing.

What are the health benefits?

The Assam tea is known for many health benefits which makes us regard it more superior in form. Also this tea is able to build better immunity because of the presence of anti bacterial proteins. Apart from this, It can also help digestion and food absorption, plus beat stress by reducing the cortisol hormone level that is produced in our body and help avoid heart strokes, and enhance energy levels because of the caffeine.

Remember regular consumption of Assam tea can help you prevent bad breath issues, reduce blood pressure, improves blood circulation, fight arterial stiffness and many others. But, it is possible only to get the best health boosting properties when you go for Assam tea online order from a popular tea store.

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