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Scam : Beware when You Buy Green Tea For Weight Loss

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What we are looking for when losing weight is to do it in the healthiest way possible. There are very restrictive diets that what they actually do is reduce proteins , carbohydrates and all kinds of fats, without taking into account that our body needs a balance where fatty acids or the level of proteins are not excluded with which to allow Our body performs its functions normally. You have to lose weight with health, knowing how to have adequate habits of life and supporting us, in addition, in the resources that nature brings us, such as green tea.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea

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You’ve probably heard about the benefits of matcha tea , but what is it? Matcha tea is a green tea of Chinese origin, although many people know it for its relationship with Japanese culture.
Matcha is a powdered green tea, famous in the world for its many health benefits. In addition to drinking it as an infusion, today it is also used as an ingredient in pastry and cocktails. Without a doubt, a universe to discover!

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